Set Aside the Whispers in the Dark

Lions in the Night Navigating a world where mental illness is unbelievably stigmatised can be difficult. So when you choose to tell someone be prepared for a possible bad ending. Not only has one of your worst fears come true but now the potential power someone has over you can cause problems. Really think aboutContinue reading “Set Aside the Whispers in the Dark”

Oh How Life Changes

Hello, things have certainly taking a turn since I last posted. My whole world has been flipped upside down but as usually I’m trekking through, one foot in front of the other. Surprisingly my Schizophrenia has stayed in check regardless of what I’ve been through. I will say however that I’ve gone on a antidepressant,Continue reading “Oh How Life Changes”

It’s Strange to be Normal

Life is full of stress. Being a Schizophrenic leading a normal life, having a normal stress respose is somewhat celebrated. Sounds odd, I know. You have to remember that being stressed can have disastrous consequences. When not taking proper care of ourselves it is as though our minds take the brunt of the stress. PleaseContinue reading “It’s Strange to be Normal”

Higher the Climb, the Bigger the Fall

They say the bigger you are the harder you fall. Well every time I succumb to my illness, my road to recovery often leads me to bigger and better things. It seems like every time I’ve come back from being sick, I’ve bettered myself in some area of my life. What scares me is theContinue reading “Higher the Climb, the Bigger the Fall”

My Worst Episode’s Road to Recovery

Depending on how bad I am before I end up hospitalized, it can take a while before I’m back to normal. Of course during that time I have zero concept of time, so I couldn’t give you an exact timeframe. I would hazard to guess that the longest it’s taken me to recover to aContinue reading “My Worst Episode’s Road to Recovery”

Analyzing myself, my minds answer to not being able to sleep

This is the mind of someone with schizophrenia for you. Sometimes my thoughts are just broken. Add a stressful day plus melatonin because I can’t sleep and this is what you get. I sat up awake tonight trying to decide, more or less, if I handle situations like a good person would. Some people struggleContinue reading “Analyzing myself, my minds answer to not being able to sleep”

The Mental Connection Delusion

My mental connect delusion is different every time. Although it revolves around a central idea, I’m mentally connected to something. There’s a wide range of things that I have thought I was mentally connected to at one time or another. Never seems to be any rhyme or reason to it but at the time itContinue reading “The Mental Connection Delusion”

One month of Sarcosine

Wiki link for sarcosine Link to I’ve been trying this new brain vitamin supplement called Sarcosine. It’s geared towards people with schizophrenia. It’s been about a month and I’ve noticed some small changes. Three big changes to be exact. Ive had this amazing mental clarity. I’ve been getting better sleep. I also have beenContinue reading “One month of Sarcosine”

The gift of your mind far outweighs the side effects of meds

I’ve known some people, with various mental illnesses. Some of them take their meds, some don’t. If there is one thing that I’ve seen in my experience, it’s that the ones who take their meds and keep up with their doctor appointments are the ones who are better off. They function in life better, succeedContinue reading “The gift of your mind far outweighs the side effects of meds”

Overcoming schizophrenia and handling life

Difficulties arise in everyday life. Overcoming them is your only option. The same can be said about schizophrenia. For me, there isn’t any other option than to get through my worst times and hope for better days. It’s not a question of will I get through hard times but how. Having a plan or evenContinue reading “Overcoming schizophrenia and handling life”

Being like life. Relentless, beautiful and diverse

Life can push you around sometimes. It doesn’t let up no matter what. It will literally bend you until you break and keep pushing. No matter how much you complain. No matter who you ask for help. At the end of the day you will left reeling from everything. Some look at life as carpeContinue reading “Being like life. Relentless, beautiful and diverse”

Dealing with problems, Head on

If you had a son or daughter with schizophrenia, how would you handle it? No doubt it would be difficult but it normally would show up until the teenage years. By then you’ve already established your relationship with them, mostly. Would you turn around and give up? No doubt the struggle is real for familyContinue reading “Dealing with problems, Head on”

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