One month of Sarcosine

Wiki link for sarcosine Link to I’ve been trying this new brain vitamin supplement called Sarcosine. It’s geared towards people with schizophrenia. It’s been about a month and I’ve noticed some small changes. Three big changes to be exact. Ive had this amazing mental clarity. I’ve been getting better sleep. I also have beenContinue reading “One month of Sarcosine”

The gift of your mind far outweighs the side effects of meds

I’ve known some people, with various mental illnesses. Some of them take their meds, some don’t. If there is one thing that I’ve seen in my experience, it’s that the ones who take their meds and keep up with their doctor appointments are the ones who are better off. They function in life better, succeedContinue reading “The gift of your mind far outweighs the side effects of meds”

Overcoming schizophrenia and handling life

Difficulties arise in everyday life. Overcoming them is your only option. The same can be said about schizophrenia. For me, there isn’t any other option than to get through my worst times and hope for better days. It’s not a question of will I get through hard times but how. Having a plan or evenContinue reading “Overcoming schizophrenia and handling life”

Being like life. Relentless, beautiful and diverse

Life can push you around sometimes. It doesn’t let up no matter what. It will literally bend you until you break and keep pushing. No matter how much you complain. No matter who you ask for help. At the end of the day you will left reeling from everything. Some look at life as carpeContinue reading “Being like life. Relentless, beautiful and diverse”

Dealing with problems, Head on

If you had a son or daughter with schizophrenia, how would you handle it? No doubt it would be difficult but it normally would show up until the teenage years. By then you’ve already established your relationship with them, mostly. Would you turn around and give up? No doubt the struggle is real for familyContinue reading “Dealing with problems, Head on”

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